The supplier provides the customer with a quality guarantee for his service. In this way, the vendor assures the following quality of performance: Should the product not work.

The supplier offers the customer a guarantee of durability. In this way, the supplier guarantees the following characteristics for the guarantee period: Should the product not work. The guarantee period is 1 month.

The customer has no way to access the stored contract text directly.

Right of Revocation and Customer Service

The provisions for remote sales contracts are not applicable to customers who are entrepreneurs. Therefore, these customers are not entitled to a right of withdrawal due to a distance contract. The provider also does not grant such an offer.

Language, jurisdiction and applicable law

The contract is drafted in. Further implementation of the contractual relationship takes place in. It applies exclusively to the law of the country of the vendor. This applies to consumers only in so far as no statutory provisions of the state in which the customer is domiciled or habitually reside are restricted.